Sensible Advice Wedding Car Hire Oxford, Banbury, Milton Keynes


Sensible Advice Wedding Car Hire

Sensible Advice Wedding Car Hire is perhaps something you might like to take a few minutes to review as the last thing you need on your big day is to be sorting out wedding transport issues. To make sure you avoid this hassle, here are some tips to make hiring your dream wedding car a breeze.

Check the wedding car hire availability as soon as you can

It may sound strange but you should really start checking limousine availability BEFORE you fix a date. If a limousine is central to your day, then you should actually make a confirmed booking it just to make doubly certain.

Ask the hire company about their disaster planning

It’s also worth checking what the company will do if, for any unforeseen reason, they can’t fulfil their commitment to you. Better to know in advance so you can have a contingency plan than to wait until the last minute and suffer a lot of stress and heartache. You really don’t want to spend the weeks before your big day berating yourself and thinking “if only I’d  . . ”

How long do you need to hire your wedding car for?

You’ll probably find most companies have a minimum rental time of probably around 3 hours. And, if you want a wedding car that’s a little out of the ordinary, you can expect to pay significantly more.

Budget early for your perfect wedding car so you know what to expect

This may sound too much like common sense but do check the costs of having the car at your disposal even if you’re not physically using it. Remember, the company needs to make money and they can’t afford to let you have a car and a driver for a whole day if you’re only paying for an hour or so of actual use. If you simply want the car to take you to the reception and collect you several hours later, you may be able to reach some mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Consider your wedding date BEFORE you make plans

Spring is a popular time for weddings so you could face stiff competition to hire the car you really want. At the very least, you could have to pay a significant premium.

Keep all of your paperwork!

To avoid any ‘on the day’ disasters make sure you plan fully, think your day through and arrange your transport accordingly, get a contract and double check everything before the big day!

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Areas Covered

Grosvenor hires wedding cars and limos to most towns and villages throughout:
Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Warwickshire including Oxford, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Witney, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Wellingborough, Kettering, Bedford, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Abingdon, Bicester, Banbury, Thame, Daventry, Rugby, Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Choosing wedding transport?

Grosvenor offers a flexible, professional wedding limo hire service, serving Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire & Bedfordshire.

Sensible Advice Wedding Car Hire

Sensible Advice Wedding Car Hire