Choosing wedding transport


Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton Beds


Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton Beds. Obviously, you want your wedding transport to be special. But “special” means different things to different people. And budgets often dictate so, while you may long for a fairly-tale glass carriage, you might just have to stick with a taxi. The most important thing about getting married is to be there. If you’re not, you can’t!!

Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton BedsIf you are fortunate enough that funds are available, the wedding transport world is your oyster. Choices range from horse and carriage, through limousines to vintage cars. But, regardless of budget and
choice range, there are some things you can’t like the weather or the traffic. An open-top carriage may look fabulous but, if it rains, YOU won’t. Obviously (well it should be obvious) if you live miles from where you’re getting married, you can’t expect a horse to walk all that way. If you really want to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, arrange to meet one nearer the venue.

If your whole day is at one venue, you don’t need to think about transport any further than getting yourself there. But, if your reception is elsewhere, you need to take more care with your arrangements. One transport arrangement only needs to run over by 10 or 15 minutes to knock out another schedule.

It should go without saying but at weddings, particularly it’s vital to think of every last detail. Although there are many second and even third marriages these days, very few people get married with the expectation it’s only going to last a short time.

Do remember you have other people to think about not least your bridesmaids and the person who’s going to give you away?. (With the price of today’s weddings, it could be time to drop that giving you away line.)

If your venue isn’t too far, you might be lucky and get away with one car to do several trips. Or you could persuade your husband-to-be and best man to take a taxi. If you can’t persuade him now, think again about marrying him!!

When you’re getting married in Britain, you do have one other important consideration and that’s the good old British weather. You’re not going to look or feel your best if you’re wet and or freezing.

Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton BedsIf you’ve decided on a particular colour scheme, you might consider that colour for your car ribbons especially if you’re planning to take pictures of your transport. While today’s weddings are often much less formal, you might want your driver to look smart in chauffeur’s uniform as he holds the door open for you to alight. Jeans and T-shirts don’t quite give the same impression

If you want a glass of champagne on the way to the reception, ask for it. Don’t assume it will materialise as if by magic. It would probably be a good idea to check whether a back-up vehicle is available in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. It may not happen often but once is too many when it’s YOUR wedding!

Never choose the cheapest option just because of the price. And don’t choose on one person’s recommendation either Staff change and while the company might have the same name, they may not have the same people.

Every bride wants their wedding to be memorable. Good planning coupled with a dollop of common sense should help you organise an unforgettable day; one that will be remembered for all the RIGHT reasons.

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Choosing wedding transport?

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Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton Beds

Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton Beds

Selecting wedding transport Oxford Milton Keynes Northampton Beds