Lining up your luxury limousine


Even if you live in a town, you can’t simply run out into the street and flag down a passing limousine as you would a taxi. If it’s your wedding day, you certainly wouldn’t want the stress of wondering if one would magically pass by…

Booking a limo is nothing like booking a taxi

Hopefully, your limousine experience will be memorable for all the right reasons. So be sure to ask all the right questions before parting with your cash.

As well as value for money, you also want to be sure you’re going to be safe

There’s little point in saving a few quid if you end up in hospital or – if you’re getting married – missing your slot at the Registry office or turning up too late at the church.

With all the excitement of getting married, limousine insurance probably won’t be top of your list

But it should certainly be on it in BIG letters. Because it’s always possible an accident might happen. And, even if it doesn’t happen TO you, you could be held up – or, worse, injured.

So you do need to see what your insurance covers. It’s probably best to have it in writing as you’re unlikely to remember the finer details – especially if you’re stressed out. An email or fax should do so long as it has your details on it but don’t take my word for it!

Oh, and don’t just take their word on insurance cover. Ask to see the details. Better to find out now than to be wise after the event. Obviously, you shouldn’t approach your big day focusing on the possibility of things going wrong. That’s why you need to cover them in advance.

What happens if I cancel?

Some limo hire companies will make you pay you a percentage of the fee or a fixed charge if you cancel within a certain amount of time before the booking. Be sure to check!

It never hurts to ask for a better deal

It’s always possible that the day you’ve chosen to get married is one of the quieter ones. Perhaps you could negotiate a discount if you hired cars for other members of the wedding party – and maybe guests would use this company too. It’s worth finding out because what you save is there to spend on other, more noticeable things. However, it’s never a good idea to scrimp on insurance or to flout any of the conditions.

One limousine is not just like another

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular model, make sure that’s the specific one you book. Do you want vintage or new age? Ask when booking – and take a record of what you’re promised.

Prepare to be disappointed if you don’t do your research properly

Find out what’s included – and, if it’s really important to you, get it in writing. It’s much harder to prove a ‘word of mouth’ arrangement actually existed. To make your day feel more special, why not order champagne, balloons, streamers, music … But do ask rather than assume they’re included – even if your best friend had them last week. She probably ordered well in advance!

Although smoking is frowned upon in most places those days – and it probably is in limousines too – you might want to double check that yours isn’t going to reek of stale smoke.

It may sound trivial but you really MUST make a fixed arrangement about your pick-up point.

You don’t want to become the lady-in-waiting just because the exact place wasn’t specified.

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